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André B. Silva – Mt. Meru

Is out now and available on all platforms.
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A spiritual, introspective journey through a universe made of mountains, celestial bodies and powder of dreams.

Guitar Player * Composer * Teacher

Jazz, Creative Music and Beyond

by björn @ Hendelsbeurs, Ghent

A monster on the guitar with jazzy rigor plus sharpened nails and teeth by Gonçalo Tavares

[A] strong guitarist who did his own striking thing by Henning Bolt

@ GNRation

Past Events

Upcoming Events


  • January 10 – Sonhário w/Sérgio Tavares – Jazz à Mesa, Maus Hábitos, Porto
  • February 10 – w/ The Rite of Trio CCB, Lisboa
  • February 24 – Mt. Meru – TBA
  • February 25 – Mt. Meru – TBA
  • March – w/ The Rite of Trio – TBA
  • September – w/ The Rite of Trio – TBA

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