André is a Portuguese guitar player/composer/teacher who currently resides in Porto, Portugal.

André is in love with music in all of its forms and shapes. You can find him listening, playing and composing in a myriad of styles and he’s loving and being emotionally touched by all of them. He’s also in love with novelty and unpredictabilty. Hence his compositional style would be described as post-modernistic in the real sense of the term, drawing influences from many musical styles, defying art authority and cannons of what art should feel like, breaking the fourth wall and, being very clear in his love for the art, the music, and the amount of work he is willing to put into it to defend his artistic visions.

As a performer he considers himself to be under the big broad and more relaxed conception of the term Jazz. You can find him playing the American songbook in straight ahead post-bop jam sessions in Manhattan or exploring experimental music possibilities in festivals in Europe. Music is music and André is continuously searching for a strong beautiful connection between his musical inner-frame and the end result that the listener is receiving in the audience.