The ONE thing to focus on during lockdown (to promote artistic growth)

With lockdown version 2.0 now in place in Portugal, many of us are now having to face a new round of uncertain, dark and sometimes lacking in meaning days. Focusing specifically in the arts world and in musicians in particular, we will once again witness a series of interesting challenges, of which IContinue reading “The ONE thing to focus on during lockdown (to promote artistic growth)”

On criticism – Threading between limitation and choice

There are many instances where as musicians or artists we are subject to criticism and evaluation. These situations span from the life changing album review by an international publication, to the Christmas family dinner where your aunt will mention the color of your guitar. So having a clear path on how to approachContinue reading “On criticism – Threading between limitation and choice”

About Me

André is a portuguese musician, composer and teacher based in the city of Porto, Portugal. Co-creator of The Rite of Trio, and creator of The Guit Kune Do and Meru. He has taken a profound interest in mental and psichological issues in the music and the arts world. In this blog you will find his own personal findings on the areas of depression, anxiety, motivation, practice and all things mind and art.