Mt. Meru

A spiritual and introspective journey to a universe made of mountains, celestial bodies and powder of dreams.

Who is Mt. Meru?

André B. Silva – Guitar and composition
José Soares – Alto Sax
Raquel Reis – Cello
Sophie Bernado – Bassoon
Paulo Bernardino – Bass Clarinet
André Carvalho – Bass
Ricardo Coelho– Drums, percussion and vibes

“… It’s very easy to fall in love with Mt. Meru. It’s delicate and refined, very cautious in its composition, which is understandable since this project was in the making for 6 years.”

José Duarte, Espalha Factosan

What is Mt. Meru?

Mt. Meru is a chimaera made of jazz and chamber music properties. André expands upon a concept that he has been working on his various projects: stretches of written music orchestrated through the various instruments, alternated with improvisation sections featuring the amazing musicians playing with him on this record.

Where to find Mt.Meru?